Branding Power

There is a common misconception about the meaning of “brand”, and what branding can do for a business. A brand is more than a company’s name and logo that’s printed on stationery and marketing materials. Your brand must reflect your business philosophy, your values, culture and corporate mission. It is your company’s identity, heart and soul. Everything your company produces, publishes, sells and promotes falls under the broad meaning of your brand.
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Green Resolution

With the recent increase of energy cost, global warming and other environmental issues, the general public are more conscientious how their consumption and waste impact the earth. Going green has become a buzz word for the millennium and companies large and small are capitalizing on this trend in their marketing and design.
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Cooperation Never Tasted so Good

PeaceWorks® has received several prestigious awards for both the taste and quality of its delicious food products, as well as for its pioneering business model and the concrete contributions it has made across several continents: through PeaceWorks’ joint business ventures, it fosters coexistence among people of different backgrounds in conflict regions. Five percent of their profits go to OneVoice, a PeaceWorks® Foundation movement that empowers the majority of moderates in the Middle East to speak out against extremism.
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