About Us


While we understand that every client is unique — as are their objectives, needs and goals — there is a common path to all of our projects.

Our Process

PHASE ONE: Discovery and Analysis

The research, fact-finding and due diligence accumulated during this phase is critical — it is what we base our product analysis on. It is the analysis that provides a keen understanding of the marketplace challenge for our client’s product.

PHASE TWO: Definition of Differentiating Factors and Action-Planning

Now we’re ready to lay the groundwork for strategic direction. In this phase we begin formulating design solutions for product positioning, differentiating factors, and brand expression that will be presented to the client. Once a strategic direction has been established and a plan of action agreed upon, we’re ready for Phase Three.

PHASE THREE: Concept and Execution

This is where the rubber hits the road. Issues such as product consistency, user experience, adaptability, distinction, innovation and business-relevance have been defined in the previous two phases. Now we begin the creative exploration to produce ideas, rationales and solutions that align with the project.

PHASE FOUR: Measurable Results

The results of a successful communication and well-planned strategy that takes your brand to the next level and a greater market share can be measured. We have developed tools and mechanisms to ensure success.